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Adding a musician can give your DJ set a live band feel with live instrumentation over the rhythm sections. Solo saxophone, flute, trumpet, guitar, violin or percussion all add to the atmosphere on the dancefloor.

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Chez - Saxophonists

Chez: Jazz, Funk, and Soul Musician with Global Experience

Discover Chez, a talented musician with a passion for jazz, funk, and soul, who has performed at major venues worldwide and supported renowned acts like Jools Holland and Mark Ronson.

Yasmin - Saxophonist

Yasmin - London-Based Saxophonist Touring Globally

Yasmin, a versatile saxophonist from London, tours globally with top artists and bands. Performing at prestigious venues and events, she collaborates across genres from Pop to Classical.

Kit Mlynar - Saxophonist

Award-Winning British Saxophonist Kit Mlynar

Kit Mlynar, an award-winning graduate of the Royal Academy of Music, excels in jazz and classical styles, performing with top artists and at prestigious events worldwide.

Sandra-Mae Lux - Saxophonist

From Steveston to Global Soul Chart Success

Sandra-Mae Lux, a talented musician from Steveston, BC, excelling in jazz, soul, and more. From her early days to topping the UK Soul Chart, explore her inspiring journey and achievements.

Tamar - Saxophonist

Versatile Saxophonist & Multi-Wind Specialist | Freelance Musician

Since 2000, this Guildhall graduate has excelled as a freelance saxophonist and multi-wind specialist, performing across pop, theatre, TV, world music, jazz, and more.

Aimee Jay – Saxophonist

Aimee Jay - Versatile Musician and International Performer

Aimee Jay, with a background in classical and jazz, now thrives in live performances. She plays for Hed Kandi and tours globally, including Switzerland, Hong Kong, and Miami.

Emma - Saxophonist

Emma Frampton - Renowned Saxophonist in the UK

Emma Frampton, a top-class saxophonist from the UK, has toured globally with Hedkandi and DJ greats. She's a sought-after session musician with credits including John Newman and Rod Stewart.

Anna Kirby - Saxophonist

Anna Kirby: Renowned Saxophonist & Global Performer

Anna Kirby, one of London's top saxophone players. With a 1st class jazz degree, she performs globally in genres like jazz, funk, blues, and pop.

Lucy – Percussionist

Award-Winning Multi-Percussionist & Composer

Lucy performs with top artists across the UK and Europe. Notable collaborations include Hans Zimmer, Andrea Bocelli, and Pharrell Williams. Her expertise spans pop, jazz, classical, and Latin American music.

Holly - Percussionist

Holly Madge: Exceptional Drummer and Performer

Meet Holly Madge, a unique drummer known for her electric energy and exceptional talent. From performing with Cee Lo Green and Duran Duran to creating captivating percussion sets worldwide, Holly is unforgettable.

Sophie – Drummer/Percussionist

Freelance Drummer - London-Based Versatile Musician

Sophie, a London-based freelance drummer, has toured with Roots Manuva, played top festivals like Glastonbury, and recorded with artists across various genres including Kenny Thomas, Tony Allen, and Lydian Collective.

Marcos Santana = Percussionist

Percussionist and Samba Maestro from Salvador, Bahia

Marcos Santana, a renowned percussionist from Salvador, Brazil. From street performer to touring with Olodum and Timbalada, Marcos mastered the timbal and founded his own musical projects.

Kōbō - Percussionist/Drummer

Versatile Percussionist/Drummer with 25 Years of Experience

Performed with R&B, funk, and jazz bands for 25 years. He has worked with artists like Lynn Fiddmont, Usher, and Errol Kennedy.

Deji - Percussionist

Incredible LIVE Percussionist for Events

Tom is an exciting percussionist known for his explosive energy and fresh sounds. Resident for MTV SoundSystem and a favorite at exclusive events, he adds raw live energy to any occasion. Specializing in congas and bongos, captivates audiences worldwide.

Tello Morgado - Percussionist

Renowned Percussionist and Innovator

Tello Morgado, an Angolan-born percussionist who has shaped the UK music scene with his unique fusion of global rhythms. From jazz to Afro-Cuban beats, explore his dynamic career and collaborations.

Karen - Trumpeter

Versatile Session Trumpeter Karen-Louise: Performing Globally

Karen-Louise is an experienced trumpeter excelling in genres from Pop to Classical. She has performed worldwide, including at London's top venues, and worked with renowned artists and bands.

Victoria - Trumpeter

Freelance Trumpet Player | Victoria's TV, Live, and Orchestral Performances

Known for her TV appearances and live performances with top artists and shows like BBC Music Awards and Britain's Got Talent. Performed in West End productions and with leading UK orchestras. Available for solo recitals at weddings and concerts.

Matt - Trumpeter

Legendary Musician & Acclaimed Musical Director with 20 Years of Global Performances

Matt has toured with legends like Van Morrison and Burt Bacharach, appeared on X-Factor and Strictly Come Dancing, and recorded with Grammy winners. His music spans jazz, TV, and film, making him a versatile and celebrated artist

Ramon Ruiz - Guitaris

Ramon Ruiz: UK's Leading Flamenco Guitarist

Discover Ramon Ruiz, born in Granada, Spain, and renowned as the UK's leading flamenco guitarist. From performing at Seville's Los Gallos to London’s Royal Albert Hall. Ramon’s diverse musical journey spans flamenco, jazz, Latin American, and more.

Sally - Violinist

Sally Eilish: Versatile Electric Violinist and Performer

Experience the electrifying performances of Sally Eilish, a versatile electric violinist known for her eclectic mix of genres, LED violin shows, and dynamic crowd interaction. Book Sally for unforgettable events worldwide.

Sarah Mallock - Violinist

Electric Violinist Sarah: Modern Soundscapes for Your Event

Experience the cutting-edge sound of electric violin with Sarah, blending soul, jazz, deep house, and chill-out grooves. Perfect for luxury brands and exclusive events.


Marie Anne - Violinist

Renowned Violinist and String Fixer

Marie Anne, a distinguished violinist with extensive experience in major music projects, including performances with Emeli Sandé, Lana Del Rey, and more. Based in London, Marie Anne brings her exceptional talent to prestigious venues worldwide.

Pete Heat - Magician

London Close-Up Magician Pete Heat | Corporate & Private Events Worldwide

London's premier close-up and street magician. From Google to Vogue, Pete captivates audiences at top corporate and private events globally. As seen on Sky TV and BBC3.

Blue Topaz - String Trio

Unforgettable String Music for Events

Experience the magic of Blue Topaz Strings with our professional string musicians. From classical to pop, we bring elegance and charm to your events in London and surrounding areas. Book now for string trios, that will make your event sparkle.

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