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Aimee Jay – Saxophonist

Aimee Jay – From Classical to Club Saxophonist

Aimee Jay has a varied musical background. Having begun her musical training as a classical player, she was awarded a scholarship linked with the Royal Academy of Music. After a year of lessons at the Academy, she discovered her love for jazz and commercial music and began to leave the classical side of playing behind.

For 3 years, Aimee studied music and specialised in Jazz performance, leading various jazz ensembles and Big Bands. After touring with a ska band who supported the likes of ‘The King Blues’, ‘Baby Head’ and ‘Feeder’, Aimee discovered her passion for live performance and the party atmosphere, where she believes her career is destined. Aimee Jay plays regularly for Hed Kandi, playing live with their DJ’s around the UK and internationally including destinations such as Switzerland, Poland, Hong Kong, South Korea, Taiwan and is looking forward to her debut performance at Nikki Beach, Miami in March.

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