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Ramon Ruiz: Born in Granada, Spain, Ramon Ruiz is UK’s leading Flamenco Guitarist. Inspired by his father’s passion for flamenco, Ramon started playing the guitar at seven years of age and never looked back since. By the age of twenty he was performing in ‘Los Gallos’ ranked as the best and most authentic flamenco club in Seville alongside renowned flamenco guitarists and dancers including Rafael Rodriguez and Israel Galvan.

After acquiring a solid foundation in flamenco dance and song accompaniment, Ramon moved to London where he furthered his career and musical collaborations. He performed in London’s most prominent theatres including the Royal Albert Hall and the Purcell Room.

In 2002 he recorded Flamenco Havana, on Naim label, a blend of flamenco and Cuban music featuring Jose Amador, Segundo Falcon and Anita La Maltesa. In 2010 he participated in the production of a second album, Alcazaba, an interesting musical fusion blending flamenco with Middle Eastern and Asian sounds. many other collaborations followed including recordings with the sultry string quartet Bond and with the acclaimed oud player Attab Haddad.

Ramon is a guitarist that has not hesitated to dip into many different musical genres. He has researched and performed music ranging from bossa nova to argentinian tango, jazz, popular music, Latin american and blues. His latest musical ventures include arranging and composing
music for BBC radio 4, music production libraries and collaborations with other artistic projects.

In essence, what makes Ramon’s music so special, apart from his musical gifts and background, is
the warmth and spirituality he brings to all his musical and personal encounters.

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Past projects

2010: Musician/Actor in the the West End Musical at the Garrick Theatre, London.
2009: Presentation of the Zorro the Musical at Royal Variety Show, London.
2005: Performance at the Royal Albert Hall, London with a variety of prominent flamenco performers including El Cigala and Tomatito.
2002: Olympia Exhibition, London “Viva Espana”
1998: London Weekend Television, UK.
1997: Edinburgh Festival, Just Pour Rire, Canada appearing with the flamenco/comedy group Ole’.
1994: Canal Sur Andalucia TV and Jardines Alcazares de Sevilla accompanying the renowned flamenco dance El Mimbre.

Keen sportsman: tennis, karate (black-belt), rugby (Italian National junior team in 1986). Also speaks fluent Spanish, English, Italian and French. Interested in music technology and production, he has evident singing skills and plays other musical instruments including piano and cajon.

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