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S.A.M. help The Rugby Portobello Trust raise £100k.


Rugby Portobello

SAM helped Rugby Portobello raise over £100,000 for The Rugby Portobello Trust on Tuesday.

Providing technical expertise SAM arranged ambient lighting throughout the venue for the drinks reception and sit down dinner for two hundred in the sports hall which was transformer with a wall to wall video mapping by SAM VJ’s Butch Auntie. The ten auction lots were projected across the 20 metre wall to give them maximum attention for the all important live auction.

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“I just want to say a huge thanks to you and your team for such an amazing job. We were all blown away but how amazing everything looked and how smooth the show ran. You absolutely surpassed all of our expectations!
We’ve heard nothing but great feedback from our supporters, and you were all such a pleasure to work with.
We don’t have final numbers just yet, but we expect that we raised over £100k, and that is in no small part due to the incredible job from you and your team, so thank you for supporting us on this event and helping us to keep our doors open for another year.”
Erin Coburn
The Rugby Portobello Trust
221 Walmer Road
London W11 4EY
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