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At Inon Productions, we thrive on the cutting edge of visual storytelling, pushing the boundaries of video-based design. Our diverse expertise spans the realms of video production, animation, and the execution of large-scale projection.

Our passion is teaming up with a wide variety of brands to bring their ideas to life, and our top priority is to consistently exceed expectations and deliver exceptional outcomes.

Josh, a neurodiverse visual artist based in the UK, possesses a diverse skill-set encompassing filmmaking, animation, and projection mapping. Over the past 12 years, he has been at the helm of a multitude of creative projects and fruitful collaborations.

Josh firmly believes that the creative process itself holds as much value as the final outcome.
Beyond his creative endeavours, Josh has lent his talents to numerous community-based initiatives on a national scale. His passion lies in crafting content that resonates deeply and carries significant meaning. By leveraging technology, diversity, and inclusivity, Josh brings communities together, fostering collaborative outcomes regularly being displayed through the medium of large format projection.

Moreover, Josh conducts digital art workshops, catering to individuals of all ages. Notably, he has recently embarked on a remarkable journey, working with inmates within a correctional facility. In this endeavour, the aim is to create opportunities and stimulate change through enhanced understanding and knowledge, embodying his commitment to societal betterment.


Recent highlights

Orchestram – 30 Years of RAM Records
Londonderry Halloween festival 2022
Worcester virtual time trail 2022
Norwich Love light festival
Medway light nights
Truefest 2022
Mighty Hoopla.

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