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Butch Auntie background lay in Visuals Effects, prior to moving to Video Mapping full-time,  their work included post production and 3D animation on films such as Superman Returns, Tomb Raider 2, and The Golden Compass. Their approach to narrative and choreographed animations still pulls upon the detailed and procedural methods employed in Film, now useful within the often complex processes required in digitally redressing urban structures.

Under their supervision, many colleagues still active in the film industry join projects to add their particular skills to high-end productions when needed, creating a team as specialised as any other within the live creative arts. Butch Auntie & INON VJ’s work now revolves solely around events, launches, performances and shows intended for a live audience.

An experienced Visuals company, creating complex content and tight design work alongside musicians and DJs.

Body Play

VJ Specialists “Butch Auntie” are a creative outfit comprised of two film and television animators with many years experience in providing bespoke visual content for live events. In Mixing client-led content to live music, they’ve blown away countless major venues and festivals with their original spark, humour and bombastic video library.

Popular examples of their past work have included mixing action-packed James Bond Film footage live to music to a mammoth private party in Marrakesh, and similarly knitting together archive footage from past Olympic Games at the Laureus Award ceremony in Barcelona.

Butch Auntie have a strong belief in working with clients & DJs, building appropriate material in the run-up to events. The mood and genre of music is something which should lead projections rather than sit beside them. Subtle and delicate visuals for one song, a bouncing tempo-driven light-show for the next.



    • Bmw i3 – Launch Party

    • Carry On Doctor! – Private Party, Leicestershire

    • Christian Wolffer’s 70th Birthday Party

    • The Egg – Glastonbury Arcadia Stage

    • Warehouse Funhouse – Launch Party

    • Google Android Party, Barcelona

    • Kaleidoscopic Installation – Battersea Evolution

    • Varsity Trip – Val Thorens, France

    • The Tabernacle – South Kensington, London

    • The Turner Contemporary, Poetry Installation, Lemn Sissay

    • The Kleptones

    • Projected Poetry – Westgate Towers, Canterbury

Butch Auntie Showreel

BMW: London Electric Car Launch – Media & Performance from Butch Auntie.

Live AV with DJ Mashup Set – Kleptones Live @ Glastonbury

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