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DJ Ed Bigland

Edward Bigland Dj Master of Personalized Party Mixes


Lady Mary Wellesley (Bride)

Hello! God, what a great night.

You smashed it – everyone has been waxing lyrical!

Fred Dalton (Groom)

DJ Ed Bigland plays party mixes; from drinks up to dancing and beyond…with an encylopeadic knowledge of music and an enviable collection of re-edits and remixes under his belt your party mix is guaranteed to be personalised to your tastes and full of well known classics with an contemporary twist. Party classics from the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s and 00’s all given a modern sound to keep them current for even the most jaded ear. His experience of DJing dancefloors for 20 years or more means he knows how to fill the floor and keep it rocking till early dawn.

Ed has been working in the music industry since leaving London University’s Goldsmith’s College; running the Wilde Ones record shop in Chelsea, working for music distributors like Arabesque and Changing World Distribution, supplying WOMAD with World fusion and The Big Chill with performing artist CD stock. Establishing online retailer Dolphin Discs specialising in trance, chill, lounge and world fusion CD’s. Launching a DJ artist entertainment agency, Sound Artist Management and organising live events, DJ bookings, and DJing private events up and down the country and across the world from Africa to Australia since 2007 to the present day.

Lately he has carved out a reputation for playing an eclectic mix of bespoke lounge music DJ sets for high end events. Including a private James Bond party in Morocco for Admirable Crichton with an hour of classical Russian music during dinner and then an hour and half of James Bond remixes post dinner. Playing Northumbrian small pipe music for Sting’s birthday during dinner then English chamber music for a lunch the next day. Edward Bigland’s repertoire is ranges from laidback louge grooves to current dance and retrospective remixes to modern world fusion stemming from his social anthropology & ethnomusicology degree at Goldsmiths.

The latest enterprise is Auracle Sound a commercially licensed background music streaming service supplying UK & EU hotel’s, bars, restaurants, and shops. This involves staying in touch with the latest music in every genre from jazz, pop, rock, classical, house, and numerous dance channels for gyms, barsm and clubs.

With a special interest in lounge edits, remixes of 80’s, 90’s classics, funked up re-edits his mixes appeal to 50th Birthday’s, Wedding Parties and Sunset Beach Parties. Ed’s day are full of source music from major lables, independents, online blogs and music consultants to update Auracle Sound, creating custom playlists for commercial clients and preparing mixes for parties.

If you want to build an atmosphere from silence to dancing then book in now.

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