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Swing Ninjas

Swingninjas Quartet 

” dirty horn stomping shouting swing “


Starting out life as a busking trio in 2010, the Swing Ninjas are one-of-a-kind.
Blending vocal harmonies and a mix of New Orleans' swing and vintage UK jazz (with
a modern musical flair), this Brighton (UK) based band provides an authentic, up-to-
date approach to the sound of a raucous 1930s band to all stages and parties that
can fit them on.
With over 30 million combines YouTube views, 2 original albums and 4 albums of
classic US-UK jazz/swing, it’s little wonder this fun-loving, charming and soulful
group play over 150 shows a year.
100 year-old music is given a breathe of fresh air by the highly skilled energetic
performance, group vocal harmonies, immaculate dress and tongue-in-cheek charm
of the band. This is not stagnant swing and jazz as you know it – the sweat and
passion is real.
They perform as a trio, but also up to a 9piece band.

Gig highlights include a tour to Bahrain Jazz Festival, Pizza Express Live (London),
Virgina (USA), Casablanca (Morocco), Chill Out Festival (Istanbul), New Orleans
(USA), Lenk (Switzerland), WOMAD Festival (UK), Twinwood Festival (UK), Guinness
Jazz Festival (Ireland), Hamburg Lindy Exchange, Moods Jazz Club (Zurich),
Moulin Rouge (Paris), White Mink (London), Royal Albert Hall (London), as well as
playing dance events and parties in Germany, Italy, France, Holland,
Monaco, Luxembourg, Belgium, Portugal and a plethora of other venues, festivals
and private parties in cities around Europe. Brand sponsorships include Brooks
Brothers, Courvoisier, Sipsmith Gin, Chopard and a variety of independent vintage

The Swing Ninjas Quartet

Mixing the sounds of New Orleans and ’30s Parisian swing, they will entertain and delight any crowd of any age. Available as a 3-piece (TRIO), 4-piece (QUARTET), 6-piece (SEXTET) and the massive 9-piece (NONET) including the beautiful Speakeasy Three vocal trio, they are truly a flexible and dynamic outfit. The classic QUARTET is the main performing band : Alto Saxophone, Maccaferri Guitar, Helicon (tuba) and Double Bass create the perfect combination of dirty horn jazz and swing La Pompe rhythm, while 4-part vocal harmonies complete their sound. A synergy of sounds occurs any time these guys get their instruments out – the whole sound is greater than the sum of its parts – and audiences are feeling it and loving the whole experience. Add in the Big Band and girls singing, you have a beautiful monster on your hands that will wow any crowd.


I’m writing to you today to let you know, how much we appreciated having you here – very much the highlight of the summer for us. We all look forward to having you back. – Mandalay Club, Hamburg (Germany)

Swingninjas Trio


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