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Mystery Mixtape

Mystery Mixtape sits somewhere in the middle of a live musical performance and a classy pub quiz. In the virtual world, audiences need something more than just a musical performance; they need something to draw them in. Thus Mystery Mixtape was born…

It can sit anywhere from ‘a bit of fun’ to ‘really quite challenging’ depending on what a client wants. It is separated into rounds with different themes/flavours. Watch the video on the home screen to get an idea of the variety involved.

Live Quiz

Although pre-records are techincally possible, most customers go for the live experience. The fun of real-time interaction is often where the magic lies. Mystery Mixtape dials into an online call – almost all major platforms are supported including Zoom, MS Teams and Skype – and my video window becomes the show. I overlay all the graphics and sound FX right then and there. I also constantly interact with the chat window or any guests who decide to unmute and have a chat! Check out my demo quiz below.

Answers and Marking

As the show proceeds, participants can either write their answers down at home and then mark them for themselves when I go through the answers at the end OR I can provide an online web application that allows them to enter their answers online. Watch the video below to see how this works.

Full Band Option

If you want the dynamism and engagement of a full live band then Mystery Mixtape can be delivered as a fourpiece with the musicians that comprise The Herringbone Cocktail Club.

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