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The name ‘Muzika’ has become synonymous with live-music excellence. Since it was established nearly a decade ago, the band has raised the bar and then continued to raise it some more. It is our attention to detail that really sets Muzika apart. No two set-lists are identical and no two events are the same. Each one is scripted to suit our client’s every wish. With no stone left unturned, the outcome is always an incredible symphony of happy guests and an incredible atmosphere.

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Muzika sets the tone for any wedding, bar or bat mitzvah, party or corporate event. We’ll take your favourite tunes and musical tastes and blend them to create the ultimate big-band experience. One that neither you or your guests will ever forget…

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An ensemble of the most gifted, talented and dynamically integrated musicians, brilliant arrangements and fronted by some of Europe’s most exciting and entertaining vocalists performing on stunning stage sets. Muzika is geared towards engaging the audience through the energy, the show, unique features and endless charm.

Combining fashion, flamboyant showmanship and an unrivalled versatility in music styles, much more than just a band.

Having hand-picked only the very finest musicians and vocalists from all over the world, each and every one of our artistes is aware that there is more to a song than “just singing” and working the chords.

Dedicated to giving a superlative performance every time, our exceptional lead vocalists “inhabit” the song, making it their own, reaching out to the very core of their audience.

With regular performances across Europe and further Muzika like to travel… This has enabled us to gain well respected relationships and reputations with the most luxurious and prestigious venues stretching to all corners of the globe…

It also means that having been privileged to perform in so many different cities, we have picked up great ideas along the way. We know that every good idea needs landing gear as well as wings. We believe that anything you may hold in your imagination can be yours…

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