Dj Kofi Aka Nutopic

DJ Kofi + IAmKofi x The PSM (formally of the Gorillaz Sound System)

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DJ Kofi’s career spans two decades, his constant strive for excellence earned him a Technics UK Mixing Champion title, a seven-year radio career on Choice FM and numerous collaborations with recording artists. Michael Jackson, Spice Girls, Black Street, Wyclef Jean, Fat Man Scoop, Kelis and most recently The Gorillaz have all utilised Kofi’s DJ/Producer talents. Kofi has quite literally rocked the globe, from small Clubs to Arenas and Festivals, his turntable wizardry has taken him to over 30 countries.

“DJ Kofi, one of the most progressive and forward-thinking DJs in the UK, as far as I’m concerned, he’s the best DJ in the UK” – Semtex – BBC Radio 1xtra

Gorillaz Soundsystem DJ, mash-up genius, DJ to the stars from Bill Gates to the Williams sisters, and former Technics UK Mixing Champion, now available for bookings with Sound.

After a heavy touring schedule last year with GSS and Kelis Kofi decided to do the one thing he never did, make his own album. A pioneering Mash Up DJ, Kofi decided to create the brand Nutopic for his dance music production, he explains.

“I didn’t want to course any confusion as I’m know for many styles, so Nutopic is what I go by when I’m making dance music”

The first release is  Where’s My Horns? featuring D’banj.  Kanye West’slatest signing to his label Good Music. An Electro House/Afro Beat fusion.

“this is the first release on my label Turntable Entertainment” – Kofi

Life as a DJ started in 1990 when Kofi bought his first DJ setup, doing small parties in London and his hometown of Liverpool. By 1995 Kofi was crowned Technics UK Mixing Champion and an international DJ star was born. Kofi recalls ‘literally the next day after the UK final my phone was ringing off the hook with all sorts of job offers from production to Djing’.

After doing guest spots on Radio 1 and Kiss FM Kofi finally found a home in radio on Choice FM. Where he held down one of London’s most popular mix shows from 1995 to 2002. At the turn of the Millennium Kofi revisited a style of DJing that he started doing first in 1991, what is now known as the mash-up. In 2000 he released mix album “It’s been a long time” which became a blueprint for the style.

After being ask by Sony BMG to do a mix for the late Michael Jackson’s “Invincible” European album launch and seeing the finished product come back as an audio visual mix. Kofi’s mind was open to the endless possibilities of AV mixing. Some years later Kofi added AV to his live show repertoire.


Over the last 10 years Kofi’s turntable wizardry and innovative selections have taken him to over 40 countries. Residencies in Russia, Greece, Switzerland and Bungalow 8 in the UK have brought audiences, fans and friends to his global music and energetic sets. The sole DJ at the first MTV Africa awards Kofi is a favourite among crowds and known as the entertainer’s entertainer. Rocking parties such as Coldplay’s ‘end of world tour party’ at Wembley Arena, Blur’s Hyde Park comeback concert after party, Jay Z after party and the Williams sisters Wimbledon championship parties the diversity of the gigs as eclectic as the music and visuals.

The last 2 years have seen Kofi widening his horizons with the full integration of video and music in his set. Showcasing these skills Kofi joined the Gorillaz Sound System (the DJ AV branch of the Gorillaz) touring through 2010 and contributed a remix of ‘Stylo’ to the New ‘Plastic Beach’ album.

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