Glenn Perera

Glenn Perera

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Party Party – Disco, Reggae, Funk and Dancehall. Highly experienced DJ playing across the city.

“It was probably the first time I saw DJ Q-bert on a pair of 1210s when I devised a plan to raise 10,000 Hong Kong dollars. I got myself a job as a sandwich delivery boy for 3 months and counted down the days till I could pick up those turntables.This was the start of something beautiful…”

Glenn Perera is an established party DJ having held numerous residences around Oxford in his early years, laying out beats from funk to dancehall to disco. Glenn Perera has made his way to London building upon his huge eclecticrack of tunes, dishing out Baltimore club, Baile Funk and all sorts to shake your tails to.

Now in 2008, Glenn Perera is pleasing ears and having all the fun in venues across the city such as Harlem, No.9 Adam Street, Neighbourhood and Brick Lane’s Vibe Bar.

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