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Ulf Lindemann aka [dunkelbunt] surely counts among the most influential global beat troubadours of the early 21st century.

DJ set http://root.plain-productions.de/_dunkelbuntwien/Sun_Dub_Vol_2_A_spicy_blend_prepared_by_dunkelbunt.mp3


Ulf Lindemann aka [dunkelbunt] was born in Hamburg in 1979 and
came to Austria at the beginning of the millennium to study and make
music. In 2002 in his Vienna studio he began to merge electronic
music with Balkan, Gypsy and Swing sounds and along with his
contemporaries like Waldeck, Parov Stelar and Shantel who helped
popularize the new music genres, „Electro Swing“ and „Balkan

On his albums, songs and remixes he captures the hum of the Global
Village in our Cyber Age cooperating with over 150 musicians and
incorporating 14 languages. Urban beats, grooving basslines,
electronic and organic instrumentation and rhythms from the whole
world. Mosaics of sound, soundbites and field recordings from his
travels invite the listener to dance or to dream.
Since 2005 [dunkelbunt] tour schedule looks like a destination screen
at an airport, Tel Aviv, Melbourne, Honolulu, L.A., Paris, New York,
Cape Town, Moscow, Copenhagen, Vancouver, San Francisco,
Istanbul or Barcelona are just some of the cities where he performs.
Together with every EP or LP released, [dunkelbunt] creates a special
spice blend which is included with the CD or album and at concerts
the air is filled with his special fragrances. With a cinnamon wand or
with aromatic oil massaging the senses of his audience they are taken on a fantastic trip to the orient or
through tropical forests and fields of flowers or to his second home in the Spanish Orange blossom valleys.
Alongside his diverse musical jobs (producer, pianist, DJ, composer,
bandleader and radio producer) his other passion is cooking and spices.
Over many years of traveling the globe and at home he has built an
impressive knowledge of spices with which he has begun to create his own
blends and recipes which he distributes over the web and through many
small local stores and restaurants around the world. (In Vienna at
Karmelitermarkt, Weltladen, Harvest, Bock auf Gewürze, Galerie Sur,
Galerie Werkstatt Nuu, Tüwi Hofladen, etc.)
Since 2011, [dunkelbunt] also tours Europe, Australia, Canada, U.S.A., Israel, etc. as a live act called
“[dunkelbunt] & The Secret Swing Society”.
At the moment Ulf Lindemann is working on his Spice photo book, a CD with music for children and lives with
his wife “Cinnamon Girl” and his 2 kids at his homes in Vienna and Ardales in Spain.


2003: Wackelkontakt, 2004: Mandeltraeume, 2005: Balkan Hot Step, 2006: The Chocolate Butterfly, 2007:
Morgenlandfahrt, Smile On Your Face, 2008: Cinnamon Girl, Sun Dub, 2009: Kebab Connection, Raindrops
& Elephants 2010: Sun Dub Vol. 2 – A Spicy Blend, 2012: Schlawiener, Picnic with [dunkelbunt], 2013: Ich
grill mit Dir die Abendsonne, Boomeræng

DJ Set: http://bit.ly/13zbNVI
Picnic Mixtape: http://bit.ly/19UQcOX
CD/Vinyl/Digital: http://bit.ly/15Mw0LH

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